J. R. Medical, Inc. offers various programs and services for delivering orthopedic equipment, braces and softgoods. We service patients, doctors, hospitals, facilities and insurance companies. J. R. Medical is JCAHO Accredited and ABC Certified.

J. R. Medical works with Doctors, Hospitals and Insurance Companies to provide Patients with the fastest reliable delivery and set up. Our technicians are trained, qualified professionals. Their focus is on making sure the patient's quality of service is exceptional.
J. R. Medical supplies Doctor's offices with Orthopedic equipment, bracing and softgoods. Orthopedic care is critical to a patient's successful rehabilitation. J. R. Medical has various delivery programs available to meet individual patient's needs. We offer insurance pre-authorization, which allows us to evaluate the insurance program and suggest the most economical route for your patient. We advise the patient on what, or what not, their insurance will cover.
We supply Hospitals with Orthopedic equipment, bracing and softgoods. J. R. Medical works with Purchasing Agents, Materials Management and Central Supply to meet Hospitals needs. One of the biggest advantages to using J. R. Medical for in-house use is that when the patient is discharged, they are sent home using the same equipment used in the hospital, making the Patient and Discharge Planners life much easier!
We handle CPM's and Orthopedic Softgoods for Nursing Homes and Outpatient Surgery Centers. We can supply various facilities with Orthopedic equipment, bracing and softgoods.
 Insurance Companies
J. R. Medical works very closely with insurance companies to expedite healthcare claims processing.